Voluntary Body Donation

Dear Friends and Lovely Readers !

I have pledged to Donate my whole Body to ' Yug Dadhichi Deh Daan Sansthan ' to serve the purpose of medical education and scientific studies.

Voluntary Body Donation helps the medical student to learn the relations of human anatomical structures and development of psychomotor skills by dissection. Though with improvement in technology many assisted models have developed in the form of mannequins and simulations, none of these can be a replacement to a realistic cadaver. Each cadaver is like a new source of knowledge as many variations can be identified which could help the clinicians.

Voluntary Body Donation helps the surgeons to experiment innovative surgical skills and procedures in form of cadaver labs, workshops, thus giving them an opportunity to explore in a realistic manner. Another innovation evolved are the cadaver banks like brain banks, skin and vessel bank which are collections of these samples that later can be used for conducting molecular research and cadaver grafting. With all these uses culminating into the service of humanity, body donations are precious gifts to the humankind. With the rising number of medical colleges and scarcity of cadavers Voluntary Body Donation is definitely a savior and a ray of hope for the betterment of medical science ....and , the feeling of contributing something great to society even after death , is such a beautiful experience that can't be express in words ! I can only say :

Live Well  Leave Well  !

- Rishabh  Shukla ........... { feeling Awesome and gratified !!!!! : ) }

        "Even in death do we serve life"

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