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Supreme Home Therapy : The Book

If you are someone who loves to inhabit around  a well organized and aesthetically appealing surroundings,‘Supreme Home Therapy’ is written just for you.

Supreme Home Therapy’ is dedicated to Home Décor brimming with insightful information  on Residential design , DIY Tips, Green Design , Decorating Do's And Donot’s, vastu & Feng shui , Interior Design Quotes and many more…… all written in accessible, jargon- free English and lavishly illustrated with proper photographs. The ergonomic custom size of this book makes it highly accessible and the Rs. 600/- price tag makes it the ideal impulse purchase gift.

So, be a part of  Supreme Home Therapy and create a beautiful and healthy ambience of your own.

‘Supreme Home Therapy : The Book’ is the print publication by Swapnil Saundarya Label and is written by Designer Rishabh Shukla.

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Fashion Pandit

‘Fashion Pandit’ – A guide to fashionable lifestyle and jewels

‘Fashion Pandit’ – A guide to fashionable lifestyle and jewels , written by Jewellery Designer and Couturier Swapnil Shukla and published by Swapnil Saundarya Publications.

It is a neat little Paperback, beautifully designed and bound and small enough to slip into a bag without hassle. It only costs Rs.700/- with its insightful and precise information on Fashion, Jewellery and Lifestyle.

Fashionistas and Jewellery Lovers are loving it to keep or for a present and others too are snapping it up at book stores all over India.

So what are you waiting For ??????????

Get exclusive info on Fashion, Jewels and Lifestyle and become a Fashion Pandit . Live beautifully , Stay Fashionable ……….

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Shipping Cost : Rs.150
Pagination : 64
Format : Paper Back, Custom Size
Written by : Swapnil Shukla
Published by : Swapnil Saundarya Publications 

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Voluntary Body Donation

Dear Friends and Lovely Readers !

I have pledged to Donate my whole Body to ' Yug Dadhichi Deh Daan Sansthan ' to serve the purpose of medical education and scientific studies.

Voluntary Body Donation helps the medical student to learn the relations of human anatomical structures and development of psychomotor skills by dissection. Though with improvement in technology many assisted models have developed in the form of mannequins and simulations, none of these can be a replacement to a realistic cadaver. Each cadaver is like a new source of knowledge as many variations can be identified which could help the clinicians.

Voluntary Body Donation helps the surgeons to experiment innovative surgical skills and procedures in form of cadaver labs, workshops, thus giving them an opportunity to explore in a realistic manner. Another innovation evolved are the cadaver banks like brain banks, skin and vessel bank which are collections of these samples that later can be used for conducting …

Art criticism

Art criticism 

Today  I am going to enlighten my blog audience about Art criticism .Criticism and the psychology of art, although independent disciplines, are related to aesthetics. The psychology of art is concerned with such elements of the arts as human responses to color, sound, line, form, and words and with the ways in which the emotions condition such responses. Criticism confines itself to particular works of art, analyzing their structures, meanings, and problems, comparing them with other works, and evaluating them. Before go further , lets understand the meaning of criticism first .
Critisism means :

1.  act of criticizing: a spoken or written opinion or judgment of what is wrong or bad about somebody or something
2.  disapproval: spoken or written opinions that point out one or more faults of somebody or something
3.  assessment of creative work: considered judgment of or discussion about the qualities of something, especially a creative work.

Artists have often had an un…