GUEST POST : Home decor collection

Dear blog audience ..... here is a home decor collection by Miss 'Swapnil Shukla' ..The collection is really amazing .......friends are also invited to share their creative stuff through this blog...... Cheers !!!!!


 Home decor collection


Through this post ..I am going to throw light on ' home decor items ' of your signature style ..... I am sharing few pics of my collection of home decor range designed for my personal use which includes few handicrafts, candles, paintings, crochet , soft toys, matty work etc. 
Before we go ahead, first lets understand the meaning of few terms : 

Decor : the style of furniture, wallpaper, carpeting, curtains, and accessories chosen for a room or house 

Handicraft : object made by hand: something made using manual skill 

Crochet :  form of needlework used to make clothes or decorative items from wool or thick stiff thread, by looping it through itself with a special hooked needle crochet hook 

Home decor collection designed by Swapnil Shukla
{ for personal use } .


- Swapnil Shukla

{Posted by : Rishabh Shukla }

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  1. great collection .......

  2. Vibha sharma gujrat24 November 2012 at 05:58

    superb work...what a lovely home decor collection ...... is this for sale ??????

  3. xtra -ordinary artefacts. fabulous job
    - abhilasha awasthi

  4. thanks rishabh for posting my work ....... thanks once again .
    readers plz check :

  5. what an amazing & awesome collection

  6. ऐसी सुंदर कला वस्तुओं से भरपूर घर में व्यक्ति जन्नत का अहसास करेगा... आभार

  7. nice collection.... beautiful ideas ... i love the designer candles , these are just fabulous.
    - Suchitra Das

  8. beautiful... one word for everythng :)

  9. i want all the dollls ... awwww its so cute.. wonderful work swapnil & rishabh... heartiest wishes for future..

    1. thanks a lot panam ....its really very nice to See your comment on my blog..hope to get more inSpiring comments & encourgement from your side .. & YES ! ALL DOLLS ARE YOURS


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