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My Art Inspiration : Sita Devi of Kapurthala

My Art Inspiration : Sita Devi of Kapurthala

Rani Sita Devi of Kapurthala (1915−2002), also known as Princess Karam, was widely regarded as one of the most glamorous women of her day.
She was a daughter of the Hindu Raja of Kashipur, a zamindari.At age 13, she married Karamjit Singh, a younger son of the Sikh Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala. She was considered one of the most beautiful women on the subcontinent. She was fluent in several European languages and possessed a strong flair for style. She was the muse for several photographers from Cecil Beaton to Man Ray, whose pictures displayed her innate elegance and grace. The Rani’s apparent preferred couturier was Mainbocher. He also designed the wedding dress for Wallis Simpson's nuptials with the Duke of Windsor. Sita Devi wore her chiffon saris and fur coats, designed by Mainbocher, with dramatic effect and charm. In the mid-1930s she was widely followed by the society columns as a trendsetter. The Maharajkumari was such …


Portraiture :

Painting, photograph, or drawing of somebody, somebody’s face, or a related group is called Portrait & the art or practice of making portraits is called portraiture.

Portraiture, visual representation of individual people, distinguished by references to the subject's character, social position, wealth, or profession. In the broadest sense, portraiture can include representations of animals (favored pets or prize-winning livestock, for example) or even representations of dwellings. As discussed here, however, portraiture refers only to images of people.

Portraitists often strive for exact visual likenesses. However, although the viewer's correct identification of the sitter is of primary importance, exact replication is not always the goal. Artists may intentionally alter the appearance of their subjects by embellishing or refining their images to emphasize or minimize particular qualities (physical, psychological, or social) of the subject. Viewers sometimes pra…

Art of Painting

Art of Painting :

Painting, branch of the visual arts in which color, derived from any of numerous organic or synthetic substances, is applied to various surfaces to create a representational or abstract picture or design.
when a painting is taking shape in our minds , it has no bounds , no limitations....... as we are painting, we do our best to reach out and go closest to this image that we have in our mind . sometimes we do feel that we have been able to capture this fleeting image on paper , but by the time , our imagination has soared still higher & further -like the never -to-be reached line of the horizon.
Drawing is the basis of painting . A picture of something made with a pencil, pen, or crayon, usually consisting of lines, often with shading, but generally without color is called a drawing. Sketching is the begining of drawing .The purpose of undertaking sketching are quite a few : shetching helps to losen up our hands, & helps retaining any ideas or concepts for fu…

Art - An Overview

Art - An Overview

Art, a disciplined activity that may be limited to skill or expanded to include a distinctive way of looking at the world. The word art is derived from the Latin ars, meaning “skill.” Art is skill at performing a set of specialized actions, as, for example, the art of gardening or of playing chess.
Art in its broader meaning, however, involves both skill and creative imagination in a musical, literary, visual, or performance context. Art provides the person or people who produce it and the community that observes it with an experience that might be aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, or a combination of these qualities.


Traditionally, in most societies, art has combined practical and aesthetic functions. In the 18th century in the West, however, a more sophisticated public began to distinguish between art that was purely aesthetic and art that was also practical. The fine arts (French beaux arts)—including literature, music, dance, painting…

'Rishabh Arts'

प्रिय   ब्लॉग मित्रों,

सर्वप्रथम आप सबको तहे दिल से शुक्रिया मेरे प्यारे - न्यारे, कड़ुवे व मीठे चिट्ठे [ ब्लॉग] पर अपना प्रेम लुटाने के लिये. आज कल मेरी कलम बहुत फड़फड़ाने लगी है...रात दिन मचलती रहती है... अब उसके पास कुछ काम धंधा तो है नहीं , बस खाली टेबल पर पड़े- पड़े  मुझे रात- दिन घूरती रहती है......वैसे भी खाली दिमाग शैतान का वास तो होता ही है  .... तो लगी एक दिन अपना खडूस पना मुझ पर निकालने ...क्या करुँ बीवी तो अभी है नहीं तो कलम ही बीवी के हिस्से की डांट सुनाने लगी.....पर मुझे उस रात उस पर बड़ा प्रेम आया और मैंने उसको अपने हाथों में ले लिया ..पर देखिये इसमें भी मेरी कलम ने मेरे साथ ही politics  कर डाली ..कागज़ को  पहले ही अपने खेमे में कर रखा था ..फिर क्या हाथ में मैंने अपनी कलम को क्या उठाया कागज़ स्वत: ही मेरी ओर खिंचा चला आया ....ओर मेरी खड़ूस कलम लगभग 1 घंटे तक मुझसे जाने क्या-क्या लिखवाती रही ..... और जानते हैं जब कलम का गुस्सा शांत हुआ और कागज़ को मैंने देखा तो उसमें साफ तौर पर दो नए चिट्ठों की शुरुआत करने की रणनीति तैयार थी . ..... बड़ा क्रोध आया पर भाई जो भी हो प्यार तो अं…